Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hardrock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity. Fucked up subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums. A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hardrock psych from hell!
Formed by the mysterious S. Yrék Ball, previously known to some from the murky occult underground of Northern Europe’s most infamous secret societies, formed Ball. Yrék has now dedicated himself to making music and to live the good life outside of the covens and black magic orders.
Backed by his two older brothers they form a fierce and fearsome power trio. The guys aren’t very talkative but say their main interests, apart from banging on their instruments, are booze, girls, horror comics, monster model kits, pinball and arcade games. The bands is now following up their smashing debut single “Fyre Balls” with a full on shocking self titled album released by Horny Records. Some band members are currently on probation so for the moment touring is not a possibility. But if you’re interested to book let us know and we hope soon that gigs might be able to happen.


BALL - Satanas (single edit video)

BALL - Fyre Balls (Official music video)



Ball's wicked records and apparel.